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Episode 104 - Annee Ngo, CEO of Startup League and QUP

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annee ngo, CEO of Startup Leage, Q-Up

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Annee Ngo, Co-Founder and CEO of Startup League

Join Annee Ngo, Co-Founder and CEO of Startup League with host Drew Ogryzek to talk about Startup League, QUP, and more for the first episode of the new Fall 2019 Season of the Vancouver Tech Podcast.

Having spent the past several years in the North American startup scene, spending time in Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Ngo shares insights garnished from leading endeavors such as ProtoHack, a code free hackathon, focused on producing a prototype, key factors in co-founding startups, and building teams for success.

"With Startup League, what we're trying to really solve here is the problem of opportunity"

"We encountered a school of thought called design thinking. Stanford has a school called The D School for Design and I was just blown away. I was like wow, this is what innovation really comes down to; these core principles and core educational values of 1: empathy, 2: syntheses, 3: ideation, and then it goes into prototyping and testing," explains Ngo, "I was trying to wrap my head around what have we been doing with ProtoHack and understanding that this model existed, we saw that this entire time, we were focused so much on the ideas. In a similar way to what education looks like today, we were focused on outcomes, ideas and solutions. And I really wanted to figure out a way that we could make students, and in this case aspiring entrepreneurs, really fall in love with the problems themselves."

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